Clare Hughes


Clare Hughes
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Living close to the Cornish coast, I work from my garden studio in Hayle, where I produce most of my acrylic paintings. I also often venture out to sketch and paint en plain air, around the dramatic coastline, which inspires most of my work.

My paintings are predominantly landscapes and seascapes, which take inspiration from the historic, tin mining landscape of Cornwall. My views are expressed by my emotional and visual responses to the mark left on the landscape by the mining culture.

I use mainly acrylic paint on canvas and board, and work on capturing the energy, the wildness, and the way the landscape has been shaped by the extremities of the elements, industry, and by human interaction.


I joined Taking Space in November 2017, and I see it as an excellent opportunity for expanding my friendships within the artistic community. I have found Taking Space to be a very friendly and inclusive group of women, who have been very welcoming right from the start.