Joan Kinghorn


Joan Kinghorn

I have been drawing, painting and ‘making’ throughout my life, developing creative ideas around my working life.

I began work training as a photographer and then moved onto working as a Microscopist in the Synthetic Fibres Division of Courtaulds , I am sure this work keenly  developed my overriding interests in colour and light.

On moving to Cornwall in 1987 I studied with The Open College of Arts, qualifying in Art and Design.

I then went on to study for a Cert-Ed which has enabled me to develop a teaching career with Adult Education in the Arts sector.

I develop my work through observational drawing and experimentation in a wide range of media, finished work is usually in Oil or Acrylic. The resulting pieces have a touch of abstraction and convey a felt experience.

I enjoy being a member of Taking Space as it offers a camaraderie with like minds.