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Patricia Wilson Smith


Patricia Wilson Smith

Multimedia artist and independent curator


I'm a cross-disciplinary artist and, like many artists today, I chose my expressive medium according to my subject. Different media have their own languages and distinctly different processes, and I find that when I work across different media I often get surprising outcomes, and new paths to follow.


Most of the paintings and ceramics I make are abstractions from particular features of the natural world, discovered in and around the coves and moors of the far west of Cornwall. Working on canvas and board, or with clay, I paint, scratch and erase, hoping to excavate a surface that conveys something of my emotional relationship with my surroundings - I’m not as interested in the ‘look’ of a place, but more how I feel about it, and whether I can adequately express that feeling.


I often focus on the un-noticed, the overlooked, the secretly beautiful. It is there for us all, but often we are too busy to see how the energy of the wind-driven storm disturbs the water in particular patterns and how these patterns are echoed in the growth of shells, seaweed and traces in the sand. We are probably too busy to do more than murmur over a piece of bone, or broken pottery, or sea glass, but if we look hard enough we will find its history in the texture of marks on its surface.


​As well as my studio work, I’m studying for a Masters degree in Film Practice, to expand my skills and knowledge in moving image media. I’ll be showing a new film at the DA-DA Lounge event in the Porthmeor Cellars during the St Ives Art Festival in September 2023. 

I'll also be exhibiting with Newlyn Society of Artists from October 14th – November 5th at Tremenheere Gallery in Gulval, Penzance, and with Taking Space at The Crypt St Ives, in October from 7-13th.



Gallery Tresco 

Green Hill Arts

Green & Stone,

Newlyn Society of Artists

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